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Eric Tibusch is a Parisian fashion designer.

His experience comes from the great Houses such as Isabel Marrant and Jean-Paul Gaultier from which he has developed and established his own style and signature.


In 2005, he was named artistic director of the "Fashion Program Développent France" for Kopenhagen Fur, collaborating with companies such as Rick Owens, Révillon, Under Cover, Number 9, Lagerfeld Gallery, John Galliano, Véronique Leroy, Andrew GN, Renaud Pellegrino, Aider Ackermann.

After being the artistic director of Jacques Fath, Psy Monte Carlo, Clio Blue, he began a new adventure with China in 2014.

Sought by an important Chinese group, Eric agrees to assume both the artistic and operational direction as creative and executive director, attracted by the Orient that he had approached with Jean-Paul Gaultier.


Now, in 2023, Tibusch is ready to share his new vision with the world.

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